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Arroyo Research Services

is an education research, monitoring and evaluation firm based in Asheville, NC. We help education organizations use data to understand their outcomes and assure that all students succeed.

What we do:

    • Evaluate education programs
    • Research promising educational practices, technologies and innovations
    • Design accountability and measurement tools for educational programs
    • Provide Migrant Education Program services

Education must enable one to sift and weigh evidence, to discern the true from the false, the real from the unreal, and the facts from the fiction.”

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. -


The Arroyo Research Services team

Brian Curry
Senior Associate
Crystal Martin-Nelson
Senior Associate
Kirk Vandersall
Kim Muller
Senior Associate
Michelle Vruwink
Ariana Vasquez
Senior Associate
Martha Chavez
Research Associate
Ray Melecio
Senior Associate
Michele Cheney
Senior Associate
Matt Flaherty
Odilia Coffta
Data Specialist

We are pleased to work with a firm that uses experience gained in other states as a resource for ours, while respecting our unique history and structure.”

Marion Jones

Director, Mississippi Migrant Education Service Center

Our Services


Rigorous education research using thoughtful research design is at the core of all our work, including evaluation and consulting services. Our experience with real research in real schools under real constraints helps organizations meet the demand for evidence. Research services include:

    Rigorous Quantitative Studies

    Structured Qualitative Studies

    Curriculum Outcome Studies

    Randomized Controlled Trials


ARS evaluations focus on learner outcomes and build on our deep understanding of how schools, districts, and states organize and execute their work. We evaluate specific initiatives as well as multi-site and state-wide programs, of many different educational programs, including:

    Formal and Informal STEM Programs

    Professional Learning

    At-Risk Youth

    Migrant Education


For school districts, state agencies and education organizations, ARS consulting and professional services provide discovery, analysis, insight, and direction. We maximize existing data to answer your driving questions and to craft data-driven solutions. ARS consulting includes:

    Strategic Planning

    Evaluation Planning

    Accountability Design

    Needs Assessments

Migrant Education Services

For state education agencies and education organizations, the ARS migrant education services team provides expertise in all aspects of running, evaluating, and planning excellent, compliant programs. Migrant education services include consulting, support, and direct provision of:

    Identification and Recruitment

    Comprehensive Needs Assessments

    Service Delivery Planning


    Parent Engagement

    Program Management

We’ve been referencing your work every time we have the chance. You were so great to work with – answering all our questions and really trying to understand our perspectives. I never knew evaluation could be so easy 🙂


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