Alison Frank, Quantitative Analyst, Arroyo Research Services

Alison Frank, Ph.D. is an Arroyo Research Services Quantitative Research Analyst. Her work at Arroyo has included modeling of ISTEP+ testing interruptions for the Fort Wayne Community Schools, multi-level modeling of program contributions to student outcomes for Fort Wayne Community Schools, web traffic analysis in support of our evaluation of the Sunnyside One to One initiative, and analysis of student outcomes across a variety of projects. Dr. Frank was a postdoctoral researcher at Haskins Laboratories, where she designed research experiments investigating how people learn to read new words, examined relationships between brain activation (fMRI) and behavior during reading, and co-authored a paper on the brain basis of reading disabilities. Frank taught undergraduate statistics and psychology at the University of Rochester, where she also designed and conducted multi-site cognitive psychology research studies. Dr. Frank obtained a B.A. in Cognitive Sciences from Yale University, and a Ph.D. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester. She began her career as a high school computer science teacher.

Contact: | 828-484-4385 x703

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