Odilia Coffta

Data Specialist

Odilia Coffta is an Arroyo Research Services Data Specialist with deep experience in the Migrant Education Program (MEP) and all aspects of data collection, analysis and reporting related to the MEP. Ms. Coffta has expertise in MSIX and MIS2000 as a trainer and data analyst for the New York State (NYS) Migrant Education Program (MEP) where she manages compliance, training, data collection, and reporting. She creates training programs for MEP staff as well as parents, and presents to local, state and national MEP staff on relevant issues in data compliance. Ms. Coffta manages and updates data timelines and state forms, and provides leadership and expertise on the collection and measurement of Measurable Program Outcomes (MPOs). She also participates in recruitment sweeps and provides support to recruiters. She is responsible for data collection for iSOSY, the consortium incentive grant focused on Out-of-School youth (OSY) and supports training for OSY services. Ms. Coffta also serves as the principal for the NYS MEP Summer Leadership Academy. Odilia serves as the Data Manager for the ARS migrant education program team in Tennessee.