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September 3, 2015

The Super ShredderWhat’s obvious to some may be overlooked by others: working with sensitive documents requires an effective method of data destruction. More often than you might expect, we at Arroyo Research Services have to destroy confidential hard copy data. We specify how we do so in our Data Confidentiality Plan, but that section is really a secret test for our clients: if they read that part, they will surely ask about it! The Texas Education Agency, for instance, never commented on this line in a Data Destruction Report: (more…)

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As education researchers and evaluators, data security is mission critical. That’s why we’re committed to the strongest possible data security policies and practices to assure the confidentiality of student and teacher data. Just like larger firms, we adhere to a detailed Data Confidentiality Policy that keeps us in compliance with FERPA and related federal and state guidance. But we go a bit further, so we thought we’d share how we think about protecting student data and some of the practical steps we take to do so. (more…)

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